Water, barley malt, a small percentage of wheat malt, hop and yeast are the only elements we use. We choose and select our raw materials with great care and attention because only when they are of the highest quality can you have a truly genuine and original product. 

Each of our beer varieties is unique with its own taste and personality. Each is simple to drink, offering a pleasant, non-complex taste experience each time.



Our beer is unfiltered, unpasteurized and it is not additionally treated in any way. In order to obtain a balanced and natural carbonation it undergoes a second fermentation in the bottle (bottle-conditioned).

We carefully observe the phenomenon of fermentation, we study it, check it, we follow it in all its phases, but we let the yeast finalize the product by intervening as little as possible in this natural process. Our beer is 'filtered’ in a natural manner whereby the sediment is decanted at a lower temperature. The beer remains in the tanks for 20 days for the first fermentation and for 15 days in the bottle for the second fermentation (bottle-conditioned) where again his Majesty, the yeast, finalizes the product.



Brewing is a natural process that requires strong attention in the selection of raw materials, the utmost concentration and preparation at the time of brewing, and last but not least, the addition of our own creativity. 

We make beer following a very manual process.  However, this requires the use of important technical tools such as the ph meter, the refractometer and densitometer that help us to ensure that the final product will be as planned. Other than that, we intervene as little as possible and let the yeast work its way and nature take its course. 

Our beer is a raw and live product where the yeast keeps reproducing itself. For this reason it is a genuine and healthy product.  

“Our brewery is open for everyone who wants to see our brewing process and to learn more about craft beer production.